Broadcasters Are A Godsend


At the NAB’s State Leadership Conference Tuesday, acting Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel praised broadcasters for their extraordinary efforts to keep communities safe and informed during the pandemic and educating the public on COVID-19 vaccines.

Roswenworcel said that America’s broadcasters “have shown an industry-wide commitment to using their platforms to help audiences get through the pandemic,” and pointed out that stations everywhere carried daily COVID briefings from mayors and governors. She also said broadcasters have been a godsend for small businesses struggling to survive.

The acting FCC Chair also praised outgoing NAB Chairman Gordon Smith. “He’s been a statesman who can bridge divides and forge compromise to advance the public interest. These days—and in this town—that’s quite the accomplishment.”

Watch Rosenworcel’s 8 minute presentation to broadcasters HERE.


  1. That’s nice–then she wants to raise our taxes (regulatory fees) 8% coming out of the government-induced advertising recession.


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