Radio Group Hosts Give Back Day


Cadiz, KY based Ham Broadcasting Co., is injecting some cash into the local business community today, with Give Back Day. The one day event is part of “The Greatest Comeback Of All Time” campaign.

“All of those years I’ve made friends of people who run local businesses and you know those guys have given and given to our communities. Every single time there has been an ask for, you know to sponsor a ball team, buy T-shirts, give something toward graduation or make a sign for a parade; they are constantly giving,” said Beth Mann, President/CEO. “It had nothing to do with their cash register except things going out. So that is why we are calling it ‘Give Back Day’. It’s a chance for us to say thank you to those local businesses.”

The group has filled its Loyal Listener Big Deals online store with gift certificates from local businesses. The stations are inviting listeners to go to the site and pay it forward.

“There are no sales, no deals, it’s all about buying full price gift certificates and paying it forward. It’s a chance for people to go on there and say you know this business has given a lot to our community and our family over time, so now it’s time to support them,” said Mann. “It’s a cash flow generator for the businesses. You know, It’s not just money it’s a way to show the businesses they are doing good work and we appreciate you.”

About 110 local businesses are participating in Give Back Day.


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