The Daily StandUp


(By Buzz Knight) As we scramble to adjust and create new norms amidst the current crisis “The Daily Standup’ has taken on a new and important meaning when it comes to maximizing leadership in the new universe. What is it?

Known also as: “The Daily Scrum” which is a 15 minute time boxed event for development teams to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours, “The Daily Standup” is the equivalent routine to meet up with your team and update on the day past and the day ahead.

The intent on the attendees of the meeting standing up is so the meeting is short and to the point. As we all consider ways to be a stronger leader during times of crisis let’s reconsider the importance of “The Daily Standup” and redefine what it means in today’s Zoom world as we practice social distancing.

Structure and routine have flown out the door for many of us in this crisis. As creatures of habit we crave structure and routine for what it means to discipline, focus and prioritization in the workforce.

Isolation has also been a byproduct of this crisis and we have to be aware of the negative impact that can have to the collaborative team dynamic. Add in the already inherent gaps in communication that exist in organizations and you have a mounting concern. The water cooler conversation has disappeared and the opportunity to manage while walking around has also vanished for the time being. The “Stand Up” takes on new importance.

The agenda for the “Stand Up” can be quite simple: What was accomplished yesterday? What is the goal to be accomplished today? What obstacles are impeding progress? The energy of the meeting should be high and the purpose of it is well beyond the quick update that it accomplishes. As teams have had to adjust to remote work “The Daily Standup” provides the necessary structure and support on an emotional level to make sure the troops are all in sync.

It’s the equivalent of a military leader calling for roll call at the start of the day. It’s also the equivalent of that leader having an opportunity to look in everyone’s eyes to see if they are all healthy and ok. Connecting and reconnecting with people is important during this time of chaos and it would be wise to add into the structure of your calendar “The Daily Standup”.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]



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