Ratings Ain’t Everything


“Live & On the Air: What’s Hot, What’s on the Way, Where to Draw the Line” is one of the great panel discussions scheduled for the Hispanic Radio Conference coming up March 25-26 in Miami. International Programming Consultant Bob Perry will moderate the panel during the conference at the Intercontinental At Doral in Miami. He talked to Radio Ink.

Radio Ink: We hear about the reach of radio; do those numbers hold true for Hispanic radio?
Perry: This is not news, we all know how passionate the Hispanic audience is about their favorite music and favorite personalities. We’ve all seen Hispanic-targeted stations that officially have “small ratings,” but those same stations will attract hundreds or even thousands of people to remotes, promotions, and clubs. Again, it all goes back to offering programming that generates passion with a target audience. That requires radio pros who know what their target audience wants to hear.

Radio Ink: What type of programming is going to be the revenue generator this year?
Perry: The stations that provide programming that will increase the ratings and attract a larger audience the sales department can monetize will generate the big revenue. It sounds simplistic but it’s true. In an age when many stations play the same music, post the same content, and air talents talk about the same things, the question becomes how can your station be different from other stations in a way that attracts a larger audience and increases the ratings. There are ways to answer that question. We plan to talk about it on the programming panel.

Radio Ink: How important is “live and local”?
Perry: Simply being live and local is not good enough. The real question is how can your local talent be compelling enough to attract an audience. Many air talents fall into the trap of focusing on what only interests them instead of focusing on what interests the target audience. There is an art to knowing which content will attract an audience.

Don’t miss the rest of what Bob Perry has to say; exclusively at the Hispanic Radio Conference. He will be joined by Haz Montana, VP/Content, Univision Communications and Jesus Salas, EVP/Programming & Multi Platforms, Spanish Broadcasting System.

See the full agenda for the Hispanic Radio Conference HERE.
Register HERE. Pre-Early Bird Registration ends January 31.


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