Does K-G-A-F Offend You?


Apparently it offends the federal government, despite the fact that the federal government has licensed those call letters since 1947.

In a world dominated by letters texted back and forth on cell phones, the call letters KGAF are now considered offensive by the feds.

GM Steve Eberhart tried to get the calls personalized on the license plate of a new station van. DMV rejected his request because those four letters are now considered offensive. Here’s what the DMV said: KGAF fit into a “pattern of objectionable and misleading words that could be considered indirectly vulgar, swear or curse words.”

Eberhart’s 19-year old son explained that GAF is the social media slang for “Give-A F&%K.”

All we can say to this is OMG!


  1. Not to worry, they got their personalized plates. It’s just another attempt to control every aspect of our lives. Does anybody have the call sign KMFA?

  2. It’s actually creepy…anyone with an F in their call letters is vulnerable since eventaully there will be a 3 or 4 letter “text” slang for every combination…assuming you gaf of course.


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