Latinos Under Fire Like Never Before


That’s the opinion of former Housing and Urban Development Director Henry Cisneros, who was a keynote speaker at the Radio Ink Hispanic Conference in Miami, Tuesday. Cisneros asked Hispanic Broadcasters to use their voice in the community to make sure their audience understands how President Trump is singling them out.

Cisneros then reeled off a long list of examples (he called them facts) of how he believes the President is targeting Latinos, including calling immigrants rapists and murderers, the lack of Latino judicial appointments, his constant call for a wall on the border, and his attack on DACA.

Cisneros also believes the question of whether people should be asked if they are documented or not should not be on the 2020 census. He criticized Trump’s response in Puerto Rico as well as what he called the separation of families on the border.

“I’m here to say to you today this stuff is wrong. It hurts. Given that you command media messaging, it’s incumbent upon you to understand this. I don’t think the black community would stand by and let this happen to them.”

Cisneros said the Latino population is the fastest-growing minority in the country. At 60 million people today, that population is expected to grow to 100 million by 2040. He also said the workforce of America is increasingly Hispanic and he told the packed room at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, “you are riding the rocket ship of this country.”

He received a standing ovation.


  1. What ever happened to speaking the truth? It appears to be a lost art!

    Why isn’t HC speaking about the advances legal Latinos are enjoying-not the illegal ones?

    Negativity is the catalyst for great ink!

    I feel so sorry for the attendees being subjected to this line of political manipulation.

    Shame on Radio Ink for not presenting a fair and balance speaker. What about the positive side of the story or has the media influenced the publication as well?

  2. I don’t know which is more pathetic: the lies and distortions in his speech or that most people don’t know that these are lies and distortions.

  3. What 60 million? But.. But… MSM always states 11 million… I think there obviously is a Border Crisis. Imagine if you will, if Mexico opened their borders and offered the same benefits. I bet a whole lot of those wanted by the law, you know the rapist and murderers would be making a run for the border… The president is not wrong. Sadly it is disturbing that Radio Ink is following hollywood into the dumpster.

  4. So, I’m confused. Your keynote speaker just told a bunch of Federally regulated broadcasters to take political sides??? Nothing like pandering to the crowd, I guess. Now we know what the “Hispanic Radio Conference” was really all about?? Nice work RadioInk.

    • He’s speaking to his base. That’s what politicians do today.

      It would have been interesting to have had Sarah Sanders do the speech.


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