Edison Research Returns To CRS


As Country music has found a younger audience to go along with its traditional, older demographic, Edison Research will unveil results from a new study during Country Radio Seminar’s 50th Anniversary event, to be held February 13-15. Fostering and preserving Country music and radio’s multi-generational appeal is the focus of “Parents, Teens, and Country Music,” which will be presented on February 14 at 3:30 p.m. CT

“Parents, Teens, and Country Music” will combine a survey of Country music listeners who have teenagers at home, a survey of teenagers, and footage from the in-person interviews that have become a highlight of Edison’s CRS presentations. Both groups will be asked about their musical tastes, media usage, and how that usage takes hold, with an eye on how parents and teens influence each other.

“This presentation will allow CRS attendees to understand better the lives of people currently in their demographic target while allowing a peek into those of the crucial next generation of Country fans,” says Edison Research president Larry Rosin. “There will be practical advice both for connecting with the parents, and cultivating the younger group for the future.”

To review more of this year’s agenda, or to register to attend CRS 2019, visit www.CountryRadioSeminar.com.


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