“48 Hours” Takes On Kasem Family Fight


The Casey Kasem family feud over his estate will be the subject of a 48 Hours report Saturday at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. Kasem died over four years ago and his kids and wife are still fighting over his fortune. Both sides have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the other. Tens of millions of dollars are at stake. For a preview of the 48 Hours special, go here.


  1. I just watched 48 Hours episode on Casey Kasem. The fact that Jean Kasem banned his children from seeing their father was so spiteful. And then she moves him in the middle of the night from his hospital room to not only keep them away from him, but to worry them to death speaks very much of what Jean Kasem was about! She did all this for her own spiteful revenge against Casey Kasem’s children. I wouldn’t do what she did to my worst enemy! I hope Kasem’s kids win their lawsuit against her. This hateful woman is putting on the act of her life in the 48 Hours episode.


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