How Would You Like To Work For A Super Cool Company?

Radio Ink is searching for a part-time writer/editor to work on both our magazine and online publications. You’ll be working directly with Editor-in-Chief Ed Ryan on our daily news headlines and magazine content. Magazine experience is not required. Writing experience and a love for radio is. Interested? Contact Ed Ryan by e-mail for more details at [email protected]


  1. Ed, your publication is terrific! And here is a major topic for discussion… FM took off in the 70’s when the station owners stopped simulcasting their AM stations with their FM stations…and created ORIGINAL content and programming on FM, including breakthrough music and free form programming on FM. … Now to present day attempts by radio owners to develop digital: Many/ most owners just “simulcast” their FM station(s) on the digital steam. (See the pattern?) This practice is a slow boat to nowhere. … Want to see a stream “take off”?– Then INNOVATE with your steam…put some breakthrough music on there, keep the commercials extremely limited, and even put different personalities on the stream. The problem is though, that most corporate station groups are run by old white men, in their 50’s and even 60’s (I am one of them btw, so this is NOT an attack on them personally) Anyway, these older CEO’s, Regional VP’s, GM’s, and even consultants…THINK they know a lot. But they know nothing, because EVERYTHING has changed exponentially the last 20 years. Breakthrough FM stations were originally programmed and developed by very YOUNG leaders, in their 30’s and even late 20’s. Young risk takers. That is the case in the digital world too, obviously… they are young risk-takers with totally open minds, not carrying around mental baggage all the way back to the MTV days.
    Interesting to see how people would respond to this piece!


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