It’s All About That Vehicle


According to Edison Research, consumers are more likely to listen to audio in their vehicles than in any other location, including their homes. Edison says the automobile is by far the most popular place for people to listen to AM/FM radio.

More than half of all Americans age 13 and older report listening to radio in their cars on any given day, according to Edison’s Share of Ear study, which shows that 54% of all people who listen to radio on any given day listen in their cars and in no other location.

The younger a radio listener is, the more likely they are to listen to broadcast radio exclusively in the car, and in no other location. Nearly two-thirds of those aged 13-34 who listen to AM/FM radio on a given day listen in the car and nowhere else.

The Edison Research team will be at the Radio Show in Orlando next month hosting a session called “Miles Different: In-Car Audio 2018.” Edison’s Larry Rosin will summarize data from Share of Ear, Infinite Dial, and a unique tracking survey performed with NPR, to show the state of in-car audio today.


  1. “For all your turd-buffing needs and at low, low prices, call TheBigA today!”
    (I wrote that. I’m a copywriter – for radio.)
    If, in fact, the majority of radio listening is done in vehicles, then we are that close to being so, totally, like screwed?

  2. What this study doesn’t say is 71% of all Sirius listening is done in cars. Only 10% of all radio listeners have Sirius subscriptions, but of those who do, 71% of their listening is done in the car, and no where else. That shouldn’t be a surprise, since there aren’t a lot of other places that are equipped with Sirius radios. What this means is more people listen to AM/FM radio in other places than Sirius.

    • Since it’s free, that makes sense. prob because those other listeners are now too old to drive. so, congrats I guess?

  3. Finally, an admission – of sorts.
    Radio, because it has been unable and unwilling to produce higher quality content and more effective advertising ends up clinging to vehicles as its last support.
    Blame it on an acceptance of a brutal mediocrity.


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