Hispanic Podcast: Creating New Consumer Growth


Can Spanish-language radio serve as a powerful platform for the expansion of a very regional brand that seeks wider growth opportunities?

Yes. Louisiana-based roaster Community Coffee is using AMs and FMs targeting Hispanic consumers to great success in Texas.

In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, advertising agency head Alex López Negrete — whose resume includes Spanish-language play-by-play for an NBA franchise — shares his thoughts on why radio works for advertisers.

Speaking from Miami, where Negrete chatted with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson, López Negrete shared how his unique understanding of radio has translated to media buys from clients including McDonald’s co-ops in Texas and border states his agency works with.

“Radio has always been important and remains important,” he says. “I think there are a series of myths out there that are sometimes propagated by some of the trade media, where you hear that Spanish-language [media] is dead and multicultural agencies are dead or dying. One of them is that terrestrial radio is dead, and that is not the case. Radio continues to be important for the Latino listener.”

Listen to our latest Hispanic Radio Podcast below:



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