Entercom Pulling Stations From TuneIn


As of July 6 all legacy Entercom stations will move over to Radio.com, the digital app Entercom picked up as part of the merger with CBS Radio. All legacy CBS Radio stations will be pulled off TuneIn by August 1. In a memo to staff Monday, CEO David Field said, “We are committed to making Radio.com a leader in the digital audio space.”

Expect to hear more Radio.com promos on all Entercom stations. Field said, “Beginning this week, we will be significantly ramping up our efforts to drive our listeners and others to download and use Radio.com, particularly those who have been enjoying our local brands on TuneIn. We are fortunate to own Radio.com and believe it is an outstanding brand name to build around. In order to elevate consumer awareness of Radio.com and drive downloads, we will be increasing our on-air and off-air promotion. As part of that effort, we will be embracing Radio.com on all of our stations, identifying them on-air as “a Radio.com station.”


  1. This is the worst app ever and I refuse to use it so therefore, my favorite station will loose another listener. I have tried several times in the past to use this app and have always gone back to tune-in. I haven’t encountered one day that the app doesn’t freeze up nor can I access the hd2 portion of my station (kluv 98.7). I’m tired of these companies trying to force people to use their products. But that’s ok. I don’t have to have anything CBS related to get through my day. So bye, bye CBS!

  2. Was a huge fan of KMBZ in Kansas City. Since I lived there for over 25 years. I listened to the talk show all afternoon and 98.9 the Rock in the morning. Well I moved and tunein was my way of staying in touch. Well thanks corporate (entercom) radio. You lost a true follower. Tell Parks that I hope he stays on air for another 20 years, and good luck with loosening follows like me.

  3. What a joke! Worst app on Amazon Alexa. I used to turn on WFAN as my alarm now with this garbage ass skill I can’t do that nor can it find a station without waiting for Alexa to respond. I’ll just listen to ESPN NY now.. great job Entercom

  4. I was experimenting with the Radio.com app in my home with my Wifi connection on my iPhone. The app locked up several times. In order to get the station from stop playing I had to swipe up to remove the app from the active app bar. This is ridiculous. Pressing pause or stop on app itself would do nothing. The app lacks a recording feature like Tune-in Pro. I like to record shows to listen to later while at the gym or driving. Radio.com doesn’t even offer a buffer if you want to pause the show for a couple of minutes. Many of Entercom sports radio shows aren’t podcast like the morning show on WIP in Philadelphia. They only post clips not the full show. The one’s that are often time missing or posted days later. Entercom’s internet audience is going to significantly drop after August 1st.

  5. Furthermore, I wrote a note to entercom to ask if there was any solution to my problem. They did not respond, shocker!

  6. The radio.com app does not work with my phone. In google play it says this device is not compatible with your phone. Admittedly, my phone is an older Samsung model, but why should I have to buy a new phone just so I can download this one app when my current phone suits my needs perfectly well? Entercom is just trying to dictate how listeners consume their content, but I don’t see any reason to comply.

  7. The thing to keep in mind is that streaming radio is mainly an expense. Especially for music stations. The cost of music royalties will usually exceed any return they make. They use it as a loss leader for other online content. But if their stations are on someone else’s platform, they get no financial return for out of market streaming.

  8. For those of us who use Roku to stream through 5.1 Sony or Onkyo, e.g., no more WINS, WCBS, etc. Seems short sighted to me. Will miss being able to listen to NYC traffic while ensconced in NYS’s capital region.

  9. I thought I was the only one with a problem adding another app. I added radio.com and my phone got really sluggish. The question is what am I going to ditch for radio.com? For the time being, I’ll do without radio.com.

  10. Completely disappointed with Entercunt’s decision to pull out of tunein. I am by no means getting another “radio” app. Could only imagine radio.com asking me to purchase a subscription for their premium cuntent F. O. Entercom! I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  11. Wow, Entercom is trying to copycat iHeartRadio. iHeart does the same thing on air saying they’re iHeartRadio app stations. So does Cumulus. And Radio.com isn’t on a lot of Alexas or Cortanas. Wow, now it’s gonna be harder for Z104 or B96 to be heard on the Echo. Bad move Entercom.

  12. Do I want another app? No. When I stream an Entercom station I get the same 6 generic promos EVERY time – maybe if you got your geo-targeting down it would make sitting through spots better.

    I use News radio as a clock more than info because the all news wheel literally only needs 3 local stories an hour to fill – I know the wheel by heart which is why I keep it on as noise – I gotta be gone by the time sports hits at :15. But maybe I’ll just tell Siri to set an alarm.

    If TuneIn keeps IMG and Learfield for free college sports then I’m set.

    I don’t want another app as a customer. If I have to listen to ads – serve me actual ads where I might actually be. And is the content good enough for me to switch? Not really.

    If the motive for the move is just brand awareness this is a waste. If it’s monetization- could have re negotiated with TuneIn…

  13. Morons, you just lost all your Amazon ‘Alexa’ listeners as it only plays TuneIn stations for now. Also, what about those of us with nice expensive “Internet Radios” that use TuneIn for the station tuning? What about having a NON-FLASH URL for their stations so that you can at least save the station as a favorite on a Grace Digital internet radio? CBS was stupid about this too with their defunt Radio.com, and Cumulus has a failure to launch radio service before sucking-up to iHeart. Let’s not make it more difficult to tune your stations on elections boys – not everybody has a phone with a ton of data, so please allow for the Internet Radio appliances to still work, as well as the Amazon toys, desktop computers, as not many of us have unlimited data for tying-up our phones..

  14. The Radio.com app ONLY has Entercom stations, not even public stations, never mind their commercial competition.

  15. I just listen on a regular old fashion radio. My favorite show is coasttocoast. I also like the Michael Savage show. I like listening to NY Yankee games to when I can pick them up.

  16. They’re going to need to make sure that the radio.com app is added to all smart speaker systems so that people can continue to listen to Entercom stations. Right now, it’s all about TuneIn and iHeart. And as of right now, if you’re not heard on these two apps, your listeners are going to be told that your radio station(s) cannot be found.


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