When The FCC Shows Up And Nobody’s Home


That’s a no-no, of course, and that’s exactly what the FCC says happened when it conducted an inspection of WDJS-AM in Mount Olive, North Carolina. On March 10 an FCC agent was unable to complete a full inspection of the station “because there was no staff or managerial presence at the station’s main studio.” And, the FCC says, the agent called the station several times but no one representing the station answered the calls.

The FCC also observed WDJS’ antenna was in the wrong place, nearly four miles from where it was supposed to be. Mount Olive is authorized under its license BL-20070514AUC to operate Station WDJS during daytime and nighttime hours from a multiple antenna array located at coordinates 35° 12’ 01” North Latitude and 078° 07’ 23” West Longitude. On March 10, 2017, the FCC agent observed that Mount Olive was transmitting from an antenna structure assigned antenna structure registration (ASR) number 1241013, located at coordinates 35° 12’ 26.2” North Latitude and 78° 03’ 19.2” West Longitude. The antenna structure is located at the WDJS studio, which is 3.9 miles from the station authorization location.

For now, the FCC issued a Notice of Violation and the ownership at WDJS has some explaining to do. They must submit a written statement with an explanation within 20 days. “The response must fully explain each violation, including all relevant surrounding facts and circumstances, must contain a statement of the specific action taken to correct each violation and preclude recurrence, and must include a timeline for completion of any pending corrective action.”

WDJS is owned by Mount Olive Broadcasting.
Read the FCC’s Notice of Violation HERE.


  1. Thats because was at the new site working on things. If would have went right place ones would have been there. Can not answer phone when in the field working instuments at times either.


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