Savage Says Show Pulled For Hillary Supporters


Michael Savage tells Radio Ink his show was pulled from WABC Monday for “low-rated Hillary supporters,” when he started discussing the Democratic nominee’s health. “They did not even have the professional decency to notify me or my producers in advance.” He said the “clowns” who were broadcasting have ratings that are 40% lower than his and gloated they had just conducted a coup by getting him off the air.

Breitbart reported that Savage was pre-empted by “Curtis And Cooby,” on WABC. The Savage Nation is syndicated by Westwood One and heard on over 400 stations. The folks at Westwood One tell Radio Ink Savage’s show was being pre-empted on WABC in New York so the station could provide their local audience live pre-debate coverage, which all affiliates obviously have the right to do. Westwood One did not pull Savage’s show off the network feed, it was WABC’s decision to go live.

This story was updated Tuesday morning to reflect Westwood One’s comment.



  1. Are you idiots high? He rails against Clinton every day, and will continue to. He was just preempted for live news. He wasn’t “silenced”, he IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. He will go right on bashing CLinton tomorrow, and on the “mainstream” media you hate but listen to like lemmings.

    • The same mainstream media that runs conservative radio, including Savage’s radio show where he rails against Clinton every day? Her health isn’t even new news. They aren’t silencing anything, dolt. He’ll be back on tomorrow. He’s just trying to make a publicity stunt out of it.

  2. If a publicly traded sports team were to pull out their star athlete and run some parks & rec leaguers for a political stunt, which alienated a huge audience, wouldn’t the advertisers and shareholders have a claim?


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