Pro-Trump Ads Come To Life on Radio


It wasn’t overwhelming, but at least radio did get a little love last week. According to Media Monitors, in the last 10 days, all the Presidential radio spots run were either for Donald Trump or against Hillary Clinton. Radio CEOs are not really expecting the bulk of political to kick in until later this quarter and early in the 4th quarter. Media Monitors keeps an eye on political spending from 85 major markets; here’s who ran the radio ads for Trump.

In favor of Donald Trump were 69 spots by the USA Business Freedom PAC, a PAC created in California last December by a local chamber of commerce and a large medical group.

Thirty-one spots pro-Trump spots were aired by the Liberty Action Group PAC, a group out of Austin, TX.

The Great America PAC ran 239 spots on the radio in the last 10 days against Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. This committee is a so-called Carey committee, a hybrid PAC/super PAC, which, according to, can maintain two separate accounts: one for contributions to federal candidates and parties, and the other for independent expenditures, to which unlimited contributions can be made.

The Clinton campaign and the Super PACs that support her ran no radio ads.


  1. “It wasn’t overwhelming, but at least radio did get a little love last week.” No, radio didn’t get any LOVE, radio got money, money used to spread HATEFUL rhetoric from an inane campaign for an insane candidate.


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