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When Radio Ink Chairman Eric Rhoads launched the Radio Wayne Awards in 1992, his goal was to recognize the dedicated professionals operating at the station and street levels and give them the praise they richly deserve. And in naming them for “Radio Wayne” Cornils, he established a lasting legacy to a well-loved radio icon.

According to Deborah Parenti, publisher of Radio Ink, “Radio Wayne continues to be about the people who raise the level of professionalism every day in markets across the country; people who get up, show up and serve clients, manage teams, and keep radio stations operating at their best.”

For the 24th year, Radio Ink® is proud to present radio’s symbol of excellence and achievement in sales, marketing, and management: the Radio Wayne™ Awards.

It’s Time to Recognize Radio’s Best

Radio Wayne 2015 Winners
Radio Wayne 2015 Winners

Nominations close Friday for the Radio Wayne Awards (named after “Radio Wayne” Cornils, 1935-2000, who devoted his life to increasing professionalism in radio) in the following categories:BUT IT’S UP TO YOU! The only way your radio team members can be considered for a Radio Wayne Award is if you nominate them.

– America’s Best Broadcaster
– Best Market /General Manager
– Best Director of Sales/General Sales Manager (multiple stations)
– Best Local Sales Manager (or single station Sales Manager)
– Best Interactive Seller
– Streetfighter of the Year (Account Executive)
– Best National Sales Manager (Radio Ink/Stu Olds National Sales Manager)

When the prestigious Radio Wayne trophy sits on an award winner’s desk, it reminds them — and others — that they are the best in the entire radio industry and that they uphold high standards for radio. These awards honor radio superstars whose hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for radio separate them from the pack.

Help Us Recognize Radio Overachievers

The 24th-anniversary Radio Wayne Awards will be presented at the 2016 Radio Show in Nashville, at the Advertiser Breakfast on September 22.
Submit your nominations HERE.
Nominations must be received by TODAY.



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