Cumulus Culture Change Now In Effect


Berner said it was normal operating procedure for the prior Cumulus administration to take weeks to answer a request from a local market, if they got back to them at all. Now, Berner says the company has instituted a process where the executive leadership has committed to respond to the local markets within 48 hours.

Berner said, “Decisions are being made better and faster. And, she adds the feedback from the local markets is positive. A recent survey sent to employees stated 89% of Cumulus employees believe the culture is changing for better, 87% are proud to work at Cumulus, and 84% are excited about their future with the company.

Berner said the new plan is to shift from a corporate command and control structure to an organization where local markets run their business with corporate providing oversight and support. And, senior management is now financially incented to make decisions that max benefit to the entire company.


  1. “It’s like hell with crappy coffee and overhead lighting.”…. Apologies to HELL! Cumulus is a different kind of burning! Most people were too scared to take the survey because last time, 3 people from our cluster were fired when they explained their honest interactions with McVay. The emperor don’t want honesty, TRUST ME! It’s a lot easier to tell the truth on these radio sites than have Cumulus track you down, and make your life a living hell, for being truthful. Nothing has changed, it’s just now people smile at you as they’re lying to your face. No email responses unless you title subject the email “We just sold a million dollar annual, and we are converting 5 full time salaries to part time pay.” The way I look at it, it’s their money that they continue to burn… just a shame that smart broadcasters have to pay the price.

  2. I remember another radio guy saying, “Exploiting the gullibility and credulity of others by plying them with bull#&%! won’t help your business. But, it might get you elected.”
    Even better percentages can be had in North Korea when the question put to the locals is: “And how much do you love the Dear Leader?”
    This (above) propaganda does not bode well for the organization.

  3. I don’t know what market she pulled that BS data from, but in my Cumulus market with 18 stations and over 200 Cumulus employees NO ONE is proud to work for Cumulus and maybe 10% feel that Cumulus culture is changing (and I am being generous)

    We are all treated like garbage and if we complain we are told, “you do what we say..or find employment elsewhere” They nickel & dime the sales staff to death to the point where some of us owe CUMULUS money!! We get charged back if payment is not received before 90 days (agencies NEVER pay within this time) but if Cumulus gets their money on day 92…tough sh*t…the seller gets NOTHING. We did all the work and Cumulus keeps our money.

    It’s like hell with crappy coffee and overhead lighting.


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