Can ALL Podcasts Be Accurately Measured?


If you’ve ever questioned the accuracy of PPM or Diary measurement, just imagine trying to make sense of downloads, logs, listening time, and bytes and explain that technology to your advertisers. That’s what public radio is trying to do. And, why not, they’ve been the most successful broadcasters at podcasting so far. And the more reliable the measurement, the more money not only public radio will generate, the more money all podcasters will generate. And, at the end of the day, every podcaster wants to generate revenue for their work.

For almost a year now, 25 public radio employees from 14 stations and networks have been working on podcasting guidelines. They released a document on their work to date, Tuesday. The group has a goal of getting all podcasters to adopt the standards they ultimately come up with so measurement can be accurate and consistent for every podcast. From their document…”Given the leading position of public radio podcasts as a source of podcast listening across the country, this group believes these public radio guidelines could become the foundation for a true industry standard for all podcast measurement.


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