Cumulus Indy Delivers Tons Of Water To Flint


Cumulus’ Indianapolis stations WRWM-FM and WJJK-FM, in partnership with the Midwest ZakkWRWM2 (2)Food Banks, Metro PCS, and two local TV stations, collected bottled water for the citizens of Flint, MI. 205,000 bottles of water and 200,000 gallons of water were collected through on-air, online, and on-site promotions. WJJK/WRWN PD Jay Michaels said: “We combined the power of twowater2 (2) of the biggest radio brands in the market, with the two biggest TV brands in Indianapolis, to ask our listeners and viewers to help. Our community proved what Hoosier Hospitality is all about!”


  1. “Two of the biggest radio brands in Indy” Umm.. you drinking the McVay kook-aid? McVay touted that crap classic hip hop station as a pinnacle of success, then it started to plummet when McVay tried to make the format a network option. Shortly after, Mary Berner told Cumulus programmers to stop referencing THE BEAT, as it continues to return to it’s basement ratings status. At least she was smart enough not to fall for all of the Mcvay hoodwinking and BS. This poor “PD” really thinks he has a big brand! Sidenote: Congrats on the water.


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