Rivet Radio Slashes More Jobs


Rivet Radio is a news app users can customize based in Chicago that launched back in 2013. The company expanded to 20 people last year but started cutting jobs this past October. CEO John McLeod recently sent out this memo to his remaining staff members…

“Rivet has moved its focus to better serve our business customers as an audio platform for media publishers and business solutions. Customers are most interested in utilizing Rivet’s platform for distribution of their branded content and consumer research indicates that’s what they want. This pivot shifts the type of content we need for our business and results in a greater need for partner and branded content and less need for original audio content. The impact on our business is that we need to adjust our operations to align with the current level of demand for original content and, today, we need fewer people at Rivet producing original audio stories.”

Read more about the layoffs at The Chicagoland Radio and Media Blog


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