AM Radio Rules This Small Town


The Detroit Free Press has a detailed story about the success of WNBY in Newberry, Michigan. The station has been on the air since the mid-60’s in a little building and not much has changed. People call about lost dogs and found tools, or phone in a request to hear a song, or to report that the elementary school’s lizard got out. They also still broadcast “The Trading Post,” where listeners call in to try to sell their used belongings. The Trading Post at WNBY even has its own Facebook page.

WNBY DM Travis Freeman – who also hosts The Trading Post says this is what radio used to be before the Internet. “Away for people far from each other to connect, and to be part of a shared experience. It’s all the best of small-town life carried over the airwaves — friendly, corny, helpful and harmless. And it’s just what the residents have always wanted from their local radio station.”

(pictured left to right) Travis Freeman, Sovereign Communications Newberry Market General Manager, Sarah Freeman Office Manager and Program Director and on-air personality Jerry Canes of Newberry. (Photo credit: Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press)


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