(By Buzz Knight) Kudos to the industry for the amazing holiday work on behalf of local charities. The amount of good will is staggering that all of the radio companies are generating to round out the year.

I’m quite sure that the Holiday push we are seeing isn’t the only example of this output.
These outstanding results remind me of the true competitive advantages that radio has opposite other forms of media that are part of the landscape.

Are those advantages being showcased with enough bravado to matter in the pitch for future business?

As the year is winding down you should take stock of the specific ways in the past year that you and your team have demonstrated what makes you unique.

I think whenever possible it is worth contrasting as part of your pitch in simple terms “This is what WE do and this is what a pure play or satellite service doesn’t do.”

Your Competitive Advantages:

-We raised (fill in the blank amount) in calendar year 2021 for these specific charities.

-We delivered successful ad campaigns for these new clients this year (list client names with testimonials). Include in this list examples of how a living and breathing live personality was part of these successful campaigns.

-We participated in these (list examples) events in our community that celebrated our local roots.

I’m sure there are other examples you can dig up that highlight your competitive advantages.

In the same pitch piece show what the rest of the competitive landscape can’t do or doesn’t do.

Be very specific here for example: Money raised in community by pure plays.

As the year winds down with a bit of momentum highlight and contrast the differences that make you special.

Use these facts to drive the narrative in your pitch process for future business that you are the local leader in everything:

-Leader in service to the community.
-Leader in service to clients
-Leader in having a pulse.

Being positive and ignoring competitive forces is one way to go but why not add some bravado to the mix.

Sell your strengths in your brand storytelling.

Happy Holidays!

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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