Entercom Creates VP of News Position


And that new position will be filled by Bill Smee, who’s worked at CNN, NBC News and Slate. Smee will be charged with enhancing the Entercom news brands. Entercom owns some of the most successful news stations in radio, including 1010WINS and WCBS in New York, WBBM in Chicago and KNX in L.A.

Entercom also announced a slew of promotions across the company:

  • Chris Ebbott: Vice President, Programming
  • Chad Fitzsimmons: Senior Vice President, Promotions & Experiences
  • Rose Isard: Vice President, Senior Counsel
  • John Kennedy: Senior Vice President, Engineering
  • Jennifer Morales: Vice President, Corporate Communications & PR
  • Nancy Muir-Gaire: Vice President, Facilities Management
  • Johnny Palumbo: Vice President, Senior Counsel
  • Reggie Rouse: Vice President, Programming
  • Jeff Sottolano: Executive Vice President, Programming

• Stephanie Taylor: Vice President, Benefits, Compliance and Talent Acquisition


  1. That background sounds like he’s very liberal.

    If so, and he slants the news in that direction, a lot of us will no longer be listening to our Entercom ‘news’ stations. Don’t let your brand be ruined, Entercom.


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