Mueller Claims He Accidentally Destroyed Recordings


The trial between Taylor Swift and fired Denver morning man David Mueller (pictured) officially began Tuesday. Mueller took the stand and was peppered with questions about destroyed evidence, as Swift’s team tried to damage his credibility right off the bat. They also attempted to portray Mueller as an angry man who wasn’t getting enough attention from the superstar singer.

Former KYGO radio host David Mueller testified Tuesday that he didn’t send all of the audio recordings of his meeting with bosses after he was accused of groping pop star Taylor Swift because he spilled coffee on the keyboard of his computer as they were being transmitted to Swift’s legal team.

The Denver Post reports that Mueller said he used his phone to record a meeting with bosses Hershel Coomer (former PD Eddie Haskell) and Bob Call when they interviewed him about the 2013 incident prior to a Taylor Swift concert at the Pepsi Center. Mueller said the recordings used too much space on his phone and it began to malfunction, so he moved the files to a MacBook. He says he later spilled coffee on the keyboard. There were apparently 19 clips and Swifts team only received 11. Mueller also said he spilled water on a second computer, and accidentally smashed an iPad.

Mueller also admitted he may have touched Taylor Swift’s “rib cage, or rib, or ribs” with a closed hand as he tried to jump into a photo with Swift. He said he and Swift were trying to reach around one another and their hands and arms touched when the photo was being taken.

The trial, taking place in Denver, is expected to last nine days. Mueller says he did not grope Taylor Swift while they were taking a picture before the show and she cost him his job when her team claimed he assaulted the superstar. Swift says there is no doubt Mueller grabbed her “bare bottom.”

Mueller is suing for $3 million dollars.


  1. He spilled coffee on one computer, then spilled water on another computer, then smashed an iPad. This guy is a mobile disaster, destroying whatever he touches; Taylor Swift, his job and his reputation. It may well be that this trial was over from the first day as he has zero credibility on the stand; likely less in person. He is indeed someone’s worst nightmare: his …

  2. This guy is an IT department’s worst nightmare. Might be inclined to say he’s “all thumbs” but apparently not “all thumbs” all the time.


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