ABC News Tackles The Mueller Investigation

It’s been the biggest story in America for the better part of two years. The Mueller investigation. A probe to determine whether there was Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, and now the subject of a podcast from ABC News.

Miller Moves To Westwood One

Westwood One picks up Dennis Miller's twice-a-week podcast called The Dennis Miller Option. It moves to Westwood One from PodcastOne. Miller will release new episodes starting February 12.

At iHeart Los Angeles “Mating Matters”

Dr. Wendy Walsh is a psychologist and relationship expert at iHeart's KFI-AM in Los Angeles. On Sunday, February 10, Walsh and iHeartRadio will launch a new original podcast called Mating Matters on the iHeartRadio Podcast Network.

“Mama Said” — The Fun And Facts Of Parenting

Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler and musician Jenna Parris have rolled out their new podcast, Mama Said with Jamie and Jenna. It's the first show launched under the “LadyGang on PodcastOne Network.”

True Crime Series Launches With 7 Episodes

Whether Spotify buys Gimlet or not, it's business as usual at the podcasting company. Gimlet announced its new true-crime show Conviction dropped all seven episodes of its first season on Monday.

“Stugotz” Podcast Debuts

Longtime co-host on ESPN Radio with Dan Le Batard, “Stugotz” (Jon Weiner) now has his own platform to give his take on sports and the world around him with Stupodity.

Spotify In Talks To Purchase Gimlet

Spotify will reportedly pay $200 million for Gimlet. Spotify wants to be a player in the podcasting space and acquiring a company like Gimlet would push that closer to a reality.

CBS News Radio Podcast Ready For Radio

Starting Saturday CBS Radio will offer stations nationwide a new radio version of the podcast “Intelligence Matters” with host Michael Morell, a former deputy director of the CIA and a CBS News national security contributor.

“Greatest Podcast Host Of All Time” Coming Feb. 7

Ron Burgundy (AKA Will Ferrell), legendary newscaster and greatest podcast host of all time (as stated in his contract), released the official trailer for The Ron Burgundy Podcast, which will launch February 7 on the iHeartPodcast Network. 

2020 Presidential Field Subject Of New Podcast

The Candidates will look at each of the individuals entering the "running pack" for the 2020 presidential election.

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