The Elizabeth Holmes Story Continues

The legal troubles for Elizabeth Holmes, once the youngest self-made female billionaire, is the focus of the latest episodes of 'The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial'. ABC News Chief Business, Technology & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, who’s spent five years investigating Holmes; hosts the two new programs.

LA Life Podcast

PodcastOne is set to launch Doug Ellin’s Hollywood Wayz weekly podcast with co-host, rapper and actress BRE-Z. The program explores where to eat, where to meet, how to see and be seen and how to make it or how to break in Hollywood.

Seth Rogan Adds To Podcast Resume’

Storytime is a new original series hosted Seth Rogen in partnership with Stitcher. The weekly program has Rogen talking to celebs about life altering encounters.

NPR Utah Station Launches Politics Podcast

NPR radio station KUER, which broadcasts from the University of Utah, is releasing State Street on September 13th. The goal of hosts KUER reporters Sonja Hutson and Emily Means is to make politics taste good.

Opioid Podcast Updated

Lemonada has brought back 'Last Day Revisited: The Opioid Crisis' with updated information from previous guests and fans. A companion podcast, 'Good Grief' is also available.

Colorado Public Radio Launches Season 6

Purplish, the CPR News politics and policy podcast, is now in its sixth season. This time around, the public affairs team examines the new independent Congressional redistricting process in Colorado.

Xperi Tech Podcast

The latest NAB Podcast examines the impact Xperi technology could have on broadcast radio. Joe D'Angelo, SVP Broadcast Radio for Xperi is the guest.

9/11 Through The Eyes of The Sports World

SiriusXM is presenting 9/11 & Sports: 20 Years Later, a 13-episode podcast series looking back at the impact of that day’s events on the sports world and the reaction by leagues, players and fans in the hours, days, weeks and years that followed. All 13 episodes are available now.

Coach/Player Duo New ESPN Podcast

Former Jets and Ravens coach Rex Ryan is joining Pro Bowl Linebacker Bart Scott on a new podcast. 'Organized Chaos' debuts September 12 and will drop every Monday during the NFL season.

CBC Offers Six New Series

CBC’s new original podcasts span true crime, pop culture, politics, health/science and more. The Fall 2021 lineup includes an investigative trilogy exploring different strands of extremism in North America and around the world.

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