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“Jorge & Izzy” Debuts On ESPN Radio

On Monday, Feb. 8, ESPN Radio will debut Jorge & Izzy, hosted by Jorge Sedano and Israel Gutierrez. The show will air weekdays from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET and will cover the day’s top stories from across the sports world.

The iHeart Debt Battle

As radio's largest company deals with over $20 billion in debt, it is now in a battle with some of its lenders. iHeartMedia filed a lawsuit Monday to affirm it has the right to contribute stock to a subsidiary called Broader Media. That lawsuit was then followed by default notices from some of its lenders. iHeart is asking for a temporary restraining order that would prevent the holders from declaring their debt due and payable immediately.

WHO’s Cheryl Pannier Dies

WHO's Dan Robbins posted the sad news on his Facebook page. According to Robbins, Pannier passed away after she suffered a tragic at-home accident where she fell and hit her head.

Cumulus Announces New KGO Talk Lineup

And that includes keeping Ronn Owens in his original timeslot (minus one hour) and not moving him to KSFO. Cumulus says the change in plans was due to "listener outcry."

Lisa Dent Also Gone From WUSN Chicago

The Chicagoland Radio & Media Blog has the details about the firing of the Hall-of-Famer. The story includes the statement from the station: "US99.5 wishes Ramblin' Ray Stevens and Lisa Dent all the best. There are exciting plans in the works that will keep Chicago waking up every day with the most popular Country music station in the market."
Paul Weyland - Radio

How To Deal With Predatory Advertising Agencies

Haven’t you had it with sneaky little advertising agencies snapping up your local direct accounts? You know, those people who used to work for your station, but now they have their own “advertising agency”? The ones who go to your clients and tell them they can buy commercials on your station for less than the client would pay if they dealt with you directly?
Loyd Ford - Radio

12 Social Media Tips From 1936

(By Loyd Ford) Often I tell clients about the most amazing social media book ever written. We might be talking about ratings or strategic direct mail or telemarketing campaigns or even their direct social media campaigns. This book is good for a lot of people

iHeart New York Programmer Thea Mitchem

iHeartMedia's Thea Mitchem is kicking you-know-what and taking names in a world dominated by men: programming radio stations. Mitchem is iHeart's Executive Vice President of Programming for the Northeast Division, and Program Director for the influential Power 105.1 in New York City. She's been in radio for 21 years, programming for 15. Mitchem will appear on Radio Ink's 2016 Best Program Directors in America list, which comes out on May 9.

FCC Ready To Move Public Files Online

(by John Garziglia) This Thursday, the FCC is voting on extending online local public file requirements to radio. As you may recall, several years ago, television stations were required to convert over to an FCC web-based local public file for most local public file materials. So, what does all of this mean for you?
John Garziglia - Radio

What’s Next For AM Revitalization?

(by John Garziglia) A week ago Friday, on January 29, a small but significant slice of broadcast station owners, engineers, and lawyers went wild, filing some 416 or so FM translator modification applications on Day 1 of the 250-mile move filing window.

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