Hoover Joins KNIX Morning Show

iHeartMedia Phoenix is adding Brooke Hoover as new morning show co-host on KNIX's Ben and Matt Show, joining Ben Campbell and Matt McAllister Monday-Saturday mornings 5-10:00 a.m. Hoover joins KNIX from iHeartMedia Raleigh. She spent more than four years on the Bob and The Showgram show at G105, where she co-hosted and served as Assistant Producer.

NASH Country Weekly Magazine Goes Web Only

No more printing 35,000 weekly copies of the magazine Cumulus purchased in 2014. The company says it's still committed to NASH and will now use the money being lost printing the magazine into other NASH branded products.

A Closer Look At The Future Of Radio

(By Stacey Lynn Schulman) Earlier this week, Nielsen released its latest Total Audience Report, revealing significant increases in time spent with media. The media day has now expanded to 10h 39m on average, a +10% year-over-year growth rate. So where is radio in this new mediated existence? Let me explain.

Randy Michaels: The FCC is About To Ruin AM Radio

Whether you're a small market AM operator or you run a Class A, your hope is that the FCC's plan to revitalize the band will improve the quality of the sound the band spits out to your listeners. Over the years, The AM band has become sensitive to every product we plug in the wall giving it added buzz, crackles and other assorted sounds that instantly turn off the listener now living in a digitally clear world.

FCC Just Making A Bad Thing Worse

The FCC's plan to revitalize the AM band is a very hot topic in our industry right now. And the part of the plan that will impact the big booming AMs heard all across the country, has generated an interesting debate, often between those owning or operating AM radio stations. Our coverage of the topic yesterday generated a ton of feedback, including this very detailed piece by Doc Searls (pictured here).

Anna Stavredes Comes To Mornings On MIX 98.1

WTVR-FM, MIX 98.1, announced Monday that Anna Stavredes will join Jeff Wicker on MIX 98.1 weekdays from 5:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Stavredes comes to Richmond from Raleigh, NC, where she recently worked at 94.7 WQDR.

What to Do With $21 Billion In Debt

It's no secret that iHeartMedia is carrying a massive amount of debt and hasn't been able to nudge it south. While walking the floor at CES, CEO Bob Pittman was interviewed by Fox Business Host Liz Claman who said to Pittman, eventually the two major creditors, Canyon and Goldman Sachs, are going to want their money back. Claman asked Pittman point blank if iHeartMedia was going to have to restructure. Here's what Pittman said...

Why Do People Love Working For This Man?

Larry Wilson is Radio Ink Magazine's Radio Executive of The Year. The issue, in which Wilson appears on the cover, is out this week. The Alpha Media CEO is in the midst of creating his second large radio company, which will consist of 252 stations in 54 markets once the deal with Digity closes (which is expected soon). His first big company was, of course, Citadel which he sold to Forstmann Little back in 2001 for $1.2 Billion. Wilson and his team created a culture in radio that many people loved to work for at Citadel and that has carried over to Alpha. Here's an excerpt from our cover story with Wilson where we ask him to tell us why people love to work for him.

New Alt Station Brings Back “The Woody Show”

St. Louis has a new Alternative Rock station (The New Alt 104.9) and it will also be the home of The Woody Show, featuring Woody, Ravey, Greg, Menace, Seabass and Tony “Whipping Boy” Mott.

It’s Official. Rosenberg Replaces Warner Wolf

It was reported in the New York City press over the weekend that Imus never gave legendary sports anchor Warner Wolf a reason he was booted from the show. And on Tuesday it was announced that Sid Rosenberg would return to the Imus program as sports anchor.

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