Pittman: Let’s Not Carried Away With Streaming

The iHeartMedia CEO told Bloomberg Business that a recent study showed that only 3% of in-car listening is to Streaming services. "So we shouldn't get carried away. When you look at radio, radio is still about 90% of that listening and 10% is digital listening, including iHeartRadio." Pittman says at the end of the day radio is digital. "If it (radio) were invented today, it would be in the digital category.

November Auto Sales Strong

Total and retail new light-vehicle sales in November are expected to increase 7% on a selling-day-adjusted basis, according to a monthly sales forecast by J.D. Power and LMC Automotive.

KPLU Advisory Board Opposes Sale to KUOW

Despite the 200 people in attendance who cheered the board for voting to oppose the sale, KPLU council president Stephen Tan reminded the crowd that the advisory board cannot stop the sale. Earlier this month it was announced that KPLU would be sold to KUOW for $7 million and $1 million in underwriting

There Was Innovation at Rdio

And the folks at The Verge are giving Pandora and others unsolicited advice on what they should steal as the service shuts down. The Verge says, despite its small user base, "Rdio did have tons of great ideas around design and user experience, and its competitors should absolutely steal them.

Entercom Paying $17 Million For Sox

That's per year and Market Manager Phil Zachary is trying to negotiate that number down, according to The Boston Herald. The paper says WEEI signed a 10-year deal back in 2006 for rights to broadcast Sox games and he hopes to have a new agreement in place by Christmas.

Stern: I’m a Radio Guy

The New York Daily News was trying to get the inside scoop on Howard's expiring contract with SiriusXM, but as usual, Stern didn't bite. "We're talking to people about the future. I'm interested in continuing working, but we'll see where it lands."

Managing Relationships With Sports Teams

As a manager you want compelling content so if you have a sports station in your cluster you hire a knowledgeable, opinionated host who, at times, criticizes your local professional sports team, or its players. The team doesn't really like that, it's trying to develop a relationship with the community and sell tickets. So, what's the happy balance?

AT&T Makes Move to Top Five

From the Media Monitors weekly commercial chart, AT&T came in at number four last week by airing 31,000 commercials on radio stations across the country. The week before AT&T was in the 14th position.

Students Protest Sale of KPLU

The News Tribune has the details of a group of about 40 students and station supporters that rallied at Pacific Lutheran University Thursday to show their support for KPLU. The station is being sold to Seattle-based KUOW for $8 million.

Grabbing The Attention of Digital Natives

What media are digital natives using and what do they think of radio? That’s some of what researchers asked University of Florida students over four years. Ed Cohen, Nielsen VP Ed Cohen (pictured) says radio stations don’t need to be everywhere on social media, but stations do need to be relevant or the class of 2015 won’t pay attention.

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