Premiere To Syndicate Hubbard Morning Show

Hubbard Radio Seattle launched the CHR-focused Brooke & Jubal in 2011 on MOViN 92.5. Hubbard added the show to Portland's LIVE 95.5/KBFF-FM in 2015. Beginning March 14, Premiere will take over distribution rights to the show, which will continue to originate from KQMV in Seattle.

Rosin: Streamers Pass Radio In 18-24 Demo

Edison Research President Larry Rosin is out with a new blog and the information he posted Tuesday is sure to cause a little controversy. Rosin says in Edison's most recent data, for the first time, among 18 to 24-year-olds, streaming audio (Pandora, Spotify, and others) has surpassed broadcast radio.

Edison: 50% Of Americans Listen To Online Radio

Edison Research continues to dribble out teases leading up to its Infinite Dial webinar this Thursday, presented in conjunction with Triton Digital. The latest tidbit of information is about online listening which Edison says 50% of Americans now do on a weekly basis.

Saga Q4 Revenue Down Slightly

For its radio segment, Saga reported Q4 2015 same-station net operating revenue of $28.6 million compared to $29.7 million in 2014. CEO Ed Christian placed a lot of that blame on national business.

Christian: Local Is Where We Excel

Saga CEO Ed Christian said local revenue at Saga speaks volumes about the company, pointing out that 90% of the revenue from Saga's largest market, Milwaukee, is coming from local. "I'm old school with new techniques. You must spend money on both programming and sales." And that's what Christian says he plans to continue to do along with spending money on marketing and promotion.

The iHeart Debt Battle

As radio's largest company deals with over $20 billion in debt, it is now in a battle with some of its lenders. iHeartMedia filed a lawsuit Monday to affirm it has the right to contribute stock to a subsidiary called Broader Media. That lawsuit was then followed by default notices from some of its lenders. iHeart is asking for a temporary restraining order that would prevent the holders from declaring their debt due and payable immediately.

What Does Dan Mason Think About Hispanic Radio?

Mason is our special guest on our next management podcast which will be posted Monday morning. Mason is a going to be part of Radio Ink's Hispanic Radio Conference in Fort Lauderdale later this month. He'll be interviewed by Jesus Salas from SBS Broadcasting.

iHeatMedia Lands Nine Stevie Awards

iHeartMedia, was the recipient of nine Stevie® Awards at the tenth annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service in Las Vegas on March 4. The awards honor companies that set the industry’s highest standards of excellence for sales, business development, contact centers, and customer service.

PD’s: To Be Better, Try Listening To Your Station

Harold Austin is a partner at Global Media where he oversees all aspects of Global Media’s portfolio of Hispanic-based clients, with special emphasis on music testing, callout, and focus groups. Austin is an award-winning radio programmer and consultant with more than 25 years of experience in multiple formats...

Kantar Exec: Radio Political Revenue To Jump 10% to 20%

That's according to Steven Passwaiter, the director-business development for Kantar Media's Campaign Analysis Group. In an Ad Age interview Passwaiter says that increase has a lot to do with how radio's biggest company, iHeartmedia has set up shop in Washington this year, specifically targeting political campaigns and explaining how radio can target voters.

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