Sales Manager of The Week – Forever’s Roger Vestal

Roger Vestal tells Radio Ink he got into radio as a child. The 25-year vet is now working for Forever Communications where he oversees 4 stations. Here's his story and why he was chosen as Radio Ink's Sales Manager of The Week. Our Sales Manager of The Week Feature is sponsored by The Center For Sales Strategy.

It’s Ridiculous Radio Isn’t paying

That's what Rep. Ted Deutch told the House Judiciary Committee Friday. Deutch wants the American Music Fairness Act passed which would require radio stations to pay artists to air their music.

Cyber Security Starts At The Top

Every day we hear of another ransomware attack or data breach, and it seems that the cyber adversaries are taking over companies, catching them off-guard and ill-prepared. How can you prepare? By registering for Forecast 2022, November 16th at The Harvard Club in New York Ciity.

Owners Ready To Move On

Joseph Baca and his wife Loretta, owners of KFUN-AM and KLFV-FM in Las Vegas, New Mexico are ready to move on. They've either worked or owned the stations for the past 42 years. Both are 75 years old now. The Las Vegas Optic reports how Baca was able to purchase the station when he hit the lottery for $1 million.

Impressive Impressions

(By Charlie Sislen) Making radio simple to advertisers that aren’t familiar with the medium is more important than ever before. Being able to convey the benefits of a radio campaign is essential to successfully closing a new client.

The Synergy of Winning Managers and PD’s

(Mike McVay) One of my longtime friends in Programming once told me that he always wanted to be a Market Manager. Given that I was one of those that came up through programming, and went on to be a Market Manager, I asked “Why?”

Prepare For Tomorrow Before You Leave The Office Today!

(By Rick Fink) It’s one of the strongest sermons I preach! Preparation is the key to success!


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We Help Stations Hire The Best People

We get awesome feedback every time a manager posts a classified ad here at That's because they always find the best and the brightest employees in our industry. If you're looking for your next great employee CLICK HERE. If you need another great employee, let the world know now by clicking HERE.

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Every Friday, Radio Ink crowns a new sales manager of the week. Our Sales Manager of the week winners receive a one year digital subscription to Radio Ink Magazine. Make your nomination HERE. Our Sales Manager of the Week feature is sponsored by the Center for Sales Strategy.

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The Facebook Interview

In June Facebook entered the podcast space by allowing podcasters to use the platform to share their show. On The New Media Show Wednesday Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee interviewed Chelsea White and Irena Lam from Facebook to discuss what they are hoping to achieve by getting into the podcast space. Here's what Rob and Todd took away from that interview...

CNN Audio Drops New Podcast

The first episode of Tug of War is now out, hosted by CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward. Ward travels to some of the most volatile corners of the world to document the greatest power struggles of our time. LISTEN

More Data For Strata

FreeWheel has signed a deal with Cumulus and Triton Digital to bring Cumulus Podcast Network’s podcast inventory into the Strata media platform. The partnership gives 1,100 agencies using Strata’s platform the ability to automate the podcast buying process within their existing platform workflow.


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has named Dr. Stephen Wilkins as Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. For the past several years, Dr. Wilkins served as Chief Human Resources Officer and later as Chief of Staff at Alexandria City Public Schools in Alexandria, Virginia.

Richer Returns To iHeartMedia D.C.

Jen Richer has been named Assistant Program Director, iHeartMedia Washington D.C., effective November 1. Richer is no stranger to iHeartMedia, working in various capacities at other company stations.

Florida Sports Network Launches

Marty Booher, the president of the Michigan Sports Network, is launching a new sports network in Florida. He's announced the morning show of Mark Miller and David Moulton as the first show on the new network.

DJ Barbie

Mattel, Warner Music Group and iHeartMedia are bringing the iconic American doll, Barbie, to the digital bitstream. Barbie Radio, the first branded radio channel from Mattel, is a 24-hour digital only iHeartRadio station.

Pandora Opens Happy Place

Pandora research has found the search term 'happy' has gone up 111%. In response, Pandora has added eight new stations to its' 'Happy Place'.

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