Automation Specialist


The Product Specialist team is made up of individuals who concentrate in providing onboarding, second level support, and voice of the customer representation to a narrow set of products that are unique aspect to Marketron’s core traffic and billing software.  The Product Specialist focuses in on their designated products to be the most knowledgeable customer-facing individual in the company who is able to create and refine onboarding programs, work closely with product management to evolve products to meet customer needs, and support other teams internally to help them resolve challenges that arise involving their products.

The Automation Specialist focuses on supporting customers and company needs around log import and export capabilities between Marketron’s traffic solutions and the many automation systems in use by our customers.

Qualifications and Competencies:
• 5+ years of experience in the broadcast industry or similar experience with broadcast software implementation or support

• Knowledge of radio operations, clocks, formatting & traffic merge is essential

• Hands-on broadcast automation experience with importing and exporting commercial logs and electronic reconciliation

• Knowledge of copy/continuity and production and how these functions interface with the automaton process and system

• Technical acumen and familiarity with basic network mapping, database understanding, and experience analyzing text-based files with an editor

• Experience working with both PC and Mac operating systems is preferred

• Experience and comfort working with customers and colleagues in a virtual meeting environment

•  Exceptional interpersonal skills

• Outstanding project management and organization skills

• Skilled in use of at least one broadcast traffic and billing system, experience with Marketron Traffic preferred

• Exceptional listening, presentation, and training skills

• Able to work effectively under pressure

• Able to prioritize and meet deadlines, making sure the customer experience is excellent

• Able to work well individually and in a team environment

• Able to balance competing tasks in a rapidly changing environment

• Willing to take ownership for the success of a project

Essential Duties (Including but not limited to the following):
• The position requires you to quickly learn all Marketron’s traffic and billing systems and the mechanisms each uses to integrate with customer automation systems.
• Jump into cases that are escalated from the Support department and utilize your expertise to troubleshoot automation integration issues created by changes in the customer’s environment.
• Work closely with the Product Management and Development teams if an issue is unsolvable with current system capabilities, document the challenges, and collaboratively develop a solution
• Work closely with the traffic implementation team to identify the best integration solution for the customer’s specific automation system, set up, and test integrations for customers who are in the process of a traffic migration.
• Own projects surrounding modernizing existing customer integrations, including planning, scheduling, customer training and project reporting.
• Develop relationships and work closely with key automation system vendors to be able to assist customers when vendor intervention is required for problem resolution.
• Build an understanding of customer needs so you can serve as the voice of the customer and represent their interests as Marketron continues to develop and iterate on software that impacts the automation integration experience for our customers.
• Thoroughly streamline, document, and make repeatable all aspects of your job and ensure your backups are ready to jump in when you’re not available.
• Train others in the organization on changes to automation integration functions in our software. Ensure implementation and support teams are trained to handle level 1 issues.
• Document new issue resolution and continuously evaluate existing Knowledgebase to ensure it is up to date, clear, concise and effective for self-support.
• Be meticulous about recording project work in Marketron’s CRM system and maintaining records.

Please email [email protected] with a copy of their resume.
Marketron is an equal opportunity employer.


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