GeoBroadcast Calls NAB Filing ‘Tabloid’


The gloves are off between the NAB, which wants the FCC to reject Zonecasting, and GeoBroadcast Solutions, the company behind the technology that allows stations to hyper-target programming and advertising for up to five minutes an hour with FM boosters. GeoBroadcast Solutions issued the following statement in response to the NAB’s latest filing.

“In a desperate attempt at character assassination, the NAB’s tabloid filing omits one critical but publicly known fact: the lawsuit that gave rise to all of these allegations that the NAB launders before the FCC was voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff with prejudice.  Frivolous lawsuits and accusations happen in business, and the NAB’s members know this. Knowing its technical arguments are going nowhere, NAB has resorted to character assassination to shield the largest radio stations from competition by minority-owned and small broadcasters. The question before the FCC is whether the technology can be deployed consistent with the FCC’s rules and the record overwhelmingly shows it does.”


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