Market Manager


Whether you took a direct path toward your radio career or accidentally came upon it, once you arrived, it didn’t take long to fall in love with the medium. Touching lives, serving the community, making a difference. Rallying with team members, helping grow businesses, tapping into your creativity. Radio brings out the “all” in you.

But radio leadership is at a crossroads.  We need leaders who intuitively know where we should go instead of tenured veterans stuck in the rut of where we’ve been.  Different thinkers, open to change, willing to innovate and not just imitate.

Stephens Media Group is desperately looking for the next great leader.  We need a creative innovator.  A selfless person.  A servant leader who doesn’t mind carrying a list, or voicing a commercial, or setting up a live broadcast, (yes, live broadcasts on location still drive business for our customers), or whatever.  A do it all person with a unique professional thumbprint.  Fearless and unafraid to put that thumbprint all over the future.  A master of radio and digital. Of programming and promotions. Of sales and training.

We need a market manager who dares to be different. Someone with legacy experience but un-legacy like thinking. Someone willing to add to the best of a winning cluster and then take it to an uncommon level.

If you’re uncommon and want to mold what “already is” into something new, Stephens Media Group may be the right fit. We’re a company in the radio business but not of it.  We try not to follow, but rather dare to skip ahead.

We have a market manager position coming open in our Watertown, NY cluster.  Four dynamite radio stations, (with dynamite people working in them) are awaiting their next great leader.  If you know in your heart that Stephens Media Group is the place for you, apply by sending your resume and a very uncommon cover letter to [email protected].


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