We Want Your Blast From The Past


Thanks to Robert “Radio Bob” Lewin for this Blast From the Past. It was Lewin’s first paid radio job, rip and reading national news late nights on WEMP-AM 1250 in Milwaukee during the Summer of 1970.

Lewin tells Radio Ink, “That fall I moved to Madison to study journalism at The University of Wisconsin, and in 1971, I began at WISM-FM. I had a 30 year career with William Walker’s Midwest Family Broadcasting, on air, in sales, in management and in ownership. I had seven years away for good behavior, but always kept my stock interests. I chose to retire at age 49 in 2001.

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  1. Blast from the past: As a student at UC Santa Barbara (and staffer, later GM at KCSB) I worked 11 PM to 6 AM at KMUZ in Santa Barbara. As I recollect, we had six six-foot racks of Schafer gear (we called it “Sylvia”) that ran the Muzak/musicraft service for the region on a subcarrier “SCA”, and two Thorens turntables. Sorry, no pictures. That was in 1963-70. The station was at 103.3 with 105 kW ERP atop 4000 East Santa Ynez Peak.

    I wrote the first draft of copy for The Richfield Reporter, who came on at 0600, in short-sleeved white shirt, bow tie, and smelling of Old Spice.

    I borrowed my room-mate’s Vespa to drive to the station. The late Stefan Ponek had just arrived from Ohio to be the PD and sold me his 1950 DeSoto coupe for $10 but had to refurbish it myself (my roomies assisted).

    Rumor had it that the station’s raison d’etre was as a transport for Muzak, and was kind of “self funded” in that way.

    Sorry now that the only pictures are in my mind (although I got some good ideas of what to do (and not) when we rebuilt KCSB’s facilities).

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