Sirius Acquires Cloud Cover Media


Cloud Cover Music has joined SiriusXM and Pandora platforms in the Company’s music for business portfolio. Cloud Cover Music provides customized soundtracks for business locations.

“We are thrilled to become part of the SiriusXM family,” said Mark Lehman, VP/GM. “As one of the fastest growing music for business services, we’re proud of the track record that Cloud Cover Music has achieved with our tens of thousands of customers. We’re excited to have the brand recognition and strength of SiriusXM and Pandora behind us as we continue to focus on delivering the best music and messaging products for businesses.”

“Cloud Cover Music has built an advanced tech platform with a host of features that are very attractive to businesses who want an easy-to-install solution, want to be fully covered on licensing, and also want to be able to create a tailored soundtrack for their business,” said Joe Verbrugge, EVP SiriusXM.


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