New Book About Rush Coming Out


On Friday, Rush Limbaugh’s long-time call screener James Golden, also known as Bo Snerdley, will release a new book called Rush on The Radio. Golden was with Rush from beginning to end, a show that lasted 33 years and was the most listened to radio show in America. Pre-order the book HERE.


  1. This new book about Limbaugh is great news!… Going into the winter, we can always use copies of this book as extra fire wood!
    Cheers all…

      • Hostile and judgemental comment on your part, “sir”. – Clearly, you were a Rush fanboy!
        God bless Rush, but without him now, the country is a little less divided, with a little less racism and hate out there. Sure, there are numerous “Rush wanna-bees” spewing their toxicity on the radio – the right-wingers that is, who haven’t yet died from Covid because of their anti-vax
        practices – but these wanna-bees will NEVER approach the broadcast talent level of Rush.
        In fact, most of them make fools of themselves even trying.
        But I digress. Robert, go back to your basement!


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