Will The FCC and Capitol Hill Change The Media?


There are a lot of legal and regulatory matters on the table as 2022 comes into focus.

Starting with fresh leadership at the FCC and a full complement of commissioners. How will this newly defined regulatory body handle the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision regarding its rewrite of the media cross-ownership rules?

And over on Capitol Hill, can a new version of the minority tax certificate get enough support from the House and Senate to revive this once-popular program?

Meanwhile, what’s the status of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act of 2021? Along with the request of Congress that the Copyright Office look into the rights and protections of news publishers under copyright and related laws? The initiatives, prompted by the impact of digital media on traditional publishers of content — such as radio and television and particularly their news content.

These and other complex challenges and opportunities facing broadcasters over the coming year will be examined when Frank Montero, co-managing partner at Fletcher, Heald, and Hildreth, takes the stage at Forecast 2022.

Montero has assembled a group of seasoned broadcast professionals who understand the implications, challenges, and opportunities of these issues and how they might play out in the year ahead. Included on the panel will be Mark Fratrik, SVP/Chief Economist, BIA/Kelsey; Bob Mc Allan, CEO, Press Communication, LLC and PMCM TV, LLC;  Justin Nielson, Senior Research Analyst/Broadcast Media, Kagan; and Justin Sasso, President/CEO, Colorado Broadcasters Association.

Make sure you understand what happens on the Beltway and how it affects you, your stations, and your future business prospects. Make sure you are in the room for this blockbuster session at Forecast 2022Register today!

Forecast brings together the best and brightest talent in broadcasting and advertising to forecast the coming year, and to discuss the trends and momentums that will affect ratings and revenue. From Washington to Wall Street, Forecast focuses on what’s ahead in the broadcast community’s future and how to prepare for its opportunities and challenges. Join today’s industry leaders and be part of the discussions and debates about what’s ahead for radio in 2022 and beyond.


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