Milestone For Pet Psych Show


Warren Eckstein will reach a significant milestone next month in his career as Pet Behaviorist, Humorist, and TV and Radio Personality. November will mark 40-years since he launched ‘The Pet Show With Warren Eckstein’ from Los Angeles.

“Unlike most talk radio shows, my focus is on the listeners & callers. I rarely do interviews, because for 40 years, pet guardians are calling with questions they need answers to,” said Eckstein. “My Show has listeners with four generations of pets. There is a level of trust the Show has built with my audience – they know I will never endorse a product unless I personally use it for my pets. My reputation is on the line with every Show.”

The Pet Show airs on KRLA 870AM in Los Angeles and is syndicated internationally by Radio America in 150 additional markets, including Guam and Canada.


  1. You will be hard pressed to find a more professional, more polished, more personable media personality than Warren Eckstein. I had the privilege to grow up in the audio business listening and learning from Warren’s unique connection with his multi-generational audience…and his masterful ability to entertain and nurture advertiser relationships that helped fuel his 40+ year media career.

    Congrats on an amazing legacy, Warren!


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