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The NAB Leadership Foundation announced its 2021 Service to America Award Winners over the weekend. The awards recognize outstanding community service by local broadcasters. Winners were announced during the Celebration of Service to America Awards progam, which aired on hundreds of stations nationwide.

You can watch the full program HERE.

“America’s local radio and television broadcasters demonstrated unparalleled devotion to helping families and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said NAB Leadership Foundation President Michelle Duke. “We are pleased to honor the winners and celebrate broadcasters nationwide for their commitment to public service.”

The 2021 Service to America Award winners are:
Service to Community Award for Radio – Ownership Group
Zimmer Radio of Mid-Missouri, “Miracles for Kids Radiothon”
For the Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group team, the annual Children’s Miracle Network radiothon is personal. Raising money and awareness for MU’s Children’s Hospital to help sick kids is the main reason “why we do the radiothon,” but this radiothon also happens because many staff members have needed this hospital for their own children at some point. As the self-proclaimed “crown jewel event for the company,” this radiothon showcases the power of radio and love for local communities. The 14th annual 2020 Miracle for Kids radiothon raised over $248,000 and awareness for the phenomenal work of the doctors, nurses and staff every single day at the local Children’s Hospital.

Service to Community Award for Radio – Major Market
KTMY-FM Saint Paul, Minnesota, “KTMY Rebuilds the Neighborhoods”
Hubbard Broadcasting
Minority-owned businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul that were already disproportionately affected by COVID-19 restrictions were dealt a brutal blow during the uprising that took place in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. During the civil unrest across the cities, many of these places were vandalized, looted and burned to the ground. In partnership with the Neighborhood Development Center, KTMY launched “10 Stories in 10 Days” to tell the stories of these local businesses hurting and inspire the community to lend a hand. Their show hosts turned their mics over to these business owners, many of whom came to this country chasing the American dream, so they could share their stories with the audience. As a result of this partnership and campaign, KTMY raised over $145,000 for these businesses to rebuild and highlighted the local community’s power and small business owners’ resilience.

Service to Community Award for Radio – Medium Market
WYCT-FM Pensacola, Florida, Hurricane Sally Relief Efforts
In September 2020, Hurricane Sally meandered into the Gulf of Mexico and 36 hours out, this slow-moving storm was forecast to make landfall 200 miles away from Pensacola. Instead, it took a slow right turn and became the first direct hit for Pensacola in 16 years. Following the devastation of this hurricane, the team at WYCT-FM wanted to do something to help the community rebuild and recover from the storm. In partnership with United Way of West Florida and their TV partner WEAR-TV, this local station launched “Mission Restore Hope” to raise over $300,000 to help local organizations fund rebuilding efforts and help the community feel at home again.

Service to Community Award for Radio – Small Market
KNDE-FM College Station, Texas, “136 Charities, $794,573, One Day and the KNDE Team” Bryan Broadcasting Corporation
Amid canceled events and poorly attended virtual fundraisers, many local nonprofits found themselves on the brink of extinction. In partnership with the Community Foundation of the Brazos Valley, the KNDE team decided it was time to showcase local radio’s power. During the 18-hour virtual giving event held on October 27, 2020, this local station educated its audience on the work of 136 charities and solicited donations to help keep the community members afloat. In one day, this team raised $794,573 and proved that local broadcasting does matter.


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