Morgan Wallen Returning To Radio


    Although there have been no press releases, and there probably will not be, it’s clear country star Morgan Wallen is being added back to radio stations across the country. Back in February Wallen received close to an industry-wide ban after he was caught on tape using the “N” word after a night out of drinking.

    Digital Music News is reporting that Cumulus, iHeart, COX, Alpha and several other companies who banned Wallen are now adding him back into rotation. His 5-month ban from radio had no real impact on the popularity of his music with country fans.

    Several smaller market stations reinstated Wallen’s music almost immediately, after listeners still wanted to hear him, despite what he said. Wallen’s album Dangerous was on top of the charts for six consecutive weeks during the controversy and he was the best-selling artist during that time.


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