WTOP Live Local Charity Campaign


WTOP in partnership with 4Giving, has launched its Live Local campaign. 4Giving is a platform that helps non-profits, organizations and individuals create and inspire moments of generosity through community fundraising.

“Our hope is that our community will utilize the WTOP Live Local campaign as their local charity marketplace,” said Julia Ziegler, Director of News & Programming. “Your donations help give back to trusted local charity partners whose work supports and empowers the diverse community in which we live, making a difference in the lives of our neighbors.”

According to Hubbard Radio, WTOP has seen firsthand the toll this past year has taken on area businesses and members of the community. The goal is to help as many people in D.C., Maryland and Virginia as they can through partnerships with local charities working directly in the community, providing resources to those who need it most.

The station is kicking off the campaign with a donation of $103.5 to each local charity partner currently featured.


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