How The Internet Can Change A Life


C13Originals and Vespucci have partnered with actress Elle Fanning to Launch ‘One Click’. Elle Fanning, and journalist Jessica Wapner, former science editor of Newsweek, will explore how a single click on the internet can change a life forever.

The pair will investigate the story of DNP, an explosive chemical originally used to make bombs in WWI; has found a home on the internet as a fat-burning pill and bodybuilding supplement with fatal results.

“In Elle and Jessica’s hands, this harrowing story is deftly handled, with compassion and a laser sharp focus on body image issues and pressures, and the dangers that are so easily accessed,” said Chris Corcoran, CCO, Cadence13. “C13Originals was built with the objective to tell important stories in audio documentary style, and we’re so proud to be with Elle, Jessica, and Vespucci to be telling this incredibly powerful one.”

One Click, Season One will launch on May 20.


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