The Rush Limbaugh Show Will Continue Airing. Here’s How.


When Premiere Networks sent out a press release Monday announcing that WBOB-AM/FM in Jacksonville would be adding the Rush Limbaugh Show, we checked in with Premiere to make sure it wasn’t a mistake being that Rush recently passed away. Here’s what they told us.

The Rush Limbaugh show will continue airing with rotating guest hosts that, from time-to-time air audio clips of Rush.

Here’s the official Premiere statement: “No one can replace Rush Limbaugh, and Premiere Networks will continue to provide millions of loyal listeners with the voice of Rush for the long term. We have a variety of familiar voices who are guiding the audio of Rush for all of the important issues of the day, including recent guest hosts Todd Herman, Ken Matthews and Brett Winterble. With over 30 years of audio, Rush has a definite view on any and every topic.”

Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation’s WBOB AM 600/FM 101.1 will air the program live from noon to 3 p.m. ET. General Manager Jonathan McClellan said, “Rush Limbaugh is a pioneering force in broadcasting. He redefined talk radio and shaped the conservative political message for our country. WBOB is excited to add Rush’s program to our lineup. We value the future of his legacy, and we believe his talented team will drive the momentum of the movement far into the future. We welcome this monumental voice.”


  1. Rush was the best talk radio host.
    The problem is he’s. Irreplaceable,I would love to hear Donald. Trump take over the show while sitting in the president seat…Run the country then inform us for a few hours of all the wonderful things he can do for the country that we love so much

  2. I will always miss Rush but I will tune in to see if I like these guys. I understand there will be a moderate but I will not listen to him. I too would have liked Mark Stein but I hope the conservative host will have a great sense of humor and ability to connect to his listeners. The problem is I do not know where to here or see these guys. I know Rush’s time slot is taken.

  3. I miss Mark Steyn, too. He was the best guest host far superior to what we are listening to now. I always looked forward to hearing Mark and now could care less if I miss the show!

      • Yes, I wish we knew! He was the best and he hosted on that last Friday following Rush’s death, but then suddenly, no more! The show hosting was reserved only for the other three fill in hosts.

  4. Rush is and always be the GOAT. With that said Rush has thousands of hours of timeless conservative teachings in the Limbaugh library that are timeless. I think they need to retool the show and infuse that knowledge. The biggest mistake Rush made was he should have groomed his replacement years ago. Rush had one thing that none of conservative talk radio hosts have. Hope no matter how bad things seemed he could bring hope. He didn’t rant he informed. RIP Mr. Limbaugh.

  5. The sage and cogent thoughts and words of Rush Limbaugh regarding the critical political issues of our time, are evergreen, as they are just as relevant now, as the day Rush uttered them.

    I personally appreciate hearing Rush’s perspective and commentary on current the events and intellectual issues, because they not only punctuate poignantly,, the core as well as the broader view of any given topic, they also remind us that wisdom and keen analysis never die… They live on and so too, does our beloved Rush Limbaugh.

    • I agree! For me it was time to move on and pick a permanent, current affairs host two weeks after Rush died. I just can’t believe he didn’t make it clear that was what he wanted. Our local station in Buffalo, NY gave up and went all local a couple of months ago!

  6. Rush’s show will follow the path that Paul Harvey went: When Paul was unable to get behind the mic, there were rotating hosts, including his son. After he passed, they tried to continue rerunning The Rest Of The Story segments he did. Pretty soon, ABC threw in the towel, knowing that for a personality that had his own style and relied on fresh material daily, you can’t do ROTS reruns forever.

    Right now, you have the “What would Rush Say or Do??” Show where you have guest hosts playing clips of Rush “predicting” what happened/what will happen in today’s news. The longer it goes on, the less relevant his clips will become, because they will not quite fit the stories of the day anymore.

    I predict the “What Would Rush Say Show” will be toast, or dramatically retooled by the end of the year, given all the midday alternatives that are popping up and former EIB affiliates are switching too.

    I have had a love/hate relationship with the show over the years, and I could never stand Mark Steyn. What took Rush to sum up in a sentence or two took Steyn 5-10 minutes to say. Then his usual excuse: “I’m just a Canadian Englishman talking about American politics”.

  7. Avatar The bleeping bleep idiot believes that when Russia said everybody deserves to be who they are and no one has the right to take that away from him thinks that’s racist people that think that deserve to go to North Korea without a passport

    The bleeping bleep idiot believes that when Russia said everybody deserves to be who they are and no one has the right to take that away from him thinks that’s racist people that think that deserve to go to North Korea without a passport

  8. Even when Rush was alive, I always thought Mark Steyn was funnier. Not better in all respects, but definitely funnier. For a long time I’ve hoped Mark Steyn would become the full-time host after Rush was no longer doing it.

    • Agreed Vern, not sure why he doesn’t ever seem to be on the show anymore. He’s FAR better than the guys who are covering the show now.

      • I think it’s because he’s in the running to take the Fox News Primetime gig permanently (for now, he’s in regular rotation) and he no doubt realizes that there’s no future in the “What Would Rush Say” format.

      • I always enjoyed listening to Mark Steyn guest host and look forward to hearing more from him now that Rush has passed away. Mark is far away and above the blabbering mouth pieces on the show now

  9. They tried this when PAUL HARVEY died. Quickly discovered there is no PAUL HARVEY NEWS w/o PAUL HARVEY. There is no RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW w/o RUSH LIMBAUGH. This rotating host circus with RUSH clips is pathetic. Cashing in on a dead man? Really?? RUSH is gone. It’s over! Move on.

    • Agreed. Found him to be the closest to a fresh voice with a unique approach to the stories of the day.

      I’ll assume Mister Steyn has too many options at this point to take on 15 hours of on-air time, plus all the prep that goes with doing the job properly.

      Good suggestion.

  10. “Ensconced firmly inside the Golden EIB Coffin, coming to you from six feet below ground-level Rush Limbaugh!”

    “Greetings to you thrill-seekers, music-lovers, grave-robbers and corpse-huggers all across the fruited plain……….”

    So how long are you going to keep airing this nonsense? Newsflash: The man’s dead!

  11. I too wish Mark Steyn would still be hosting Rush’s show every now and then. I certainly hope that his “sinister foreign accent” isn’t the reason why America’s “anchor baby” isn’t on anymore! The three other hosts one hears are OK…except I wish Todd Herman would not use reflexive verbs as though they were regular verbs (things like “The politician disappeared the money”, instead of “The politician MADE the money disappear”! Discussing the issues of the day while sprinkling in relevant, timeless Rush wisdom about leftism is, in my view, a very viable programming format.

    • You could always just play “The Spirit of the Radio” on repeat, I guess. Hell, I’d listen to the band Rush in a room for 4 hours a day just saying what they think.

  12. I listened to Rush for 30+ years. I cannot stand the current format of his radio program. It is boring and feels so desperate to maintain Rush’s relevance. It’s past time to move on. I wish I had something else to listen to during his time slot. I listen to Chris Plante and then turn the radio app off.

  13. After Rush’s untimely death I feel betrayed that Mark Stein did not get the gig. Every day I tune in to finally hear Mark Steyn as the host of the day. But it hasn’t happened for so long now I doubt it will ever happen again. Mark has a mini studio to do the show from his home in northernmost New Hampshire. The EIB made a substantial investment in Mark Steyn doing so. Why aren’t they trying to get their money’s worth out of that investment? What they have got now is not worth it. I roam the dial now when the show ai4s for the first time since Rush aired locally. Karen is mean to Steyn in the same way Mark Levin was mean to him. For LevinTV Levin built a whole studio at Steyn’s same NH home. Then Levin fired Steyn with the studio still there! It seems that RUSB’s widow has fired Steyn the same way leaving the EIB studio still there! Mark and Karen both treat Mark Steyn as rubbish. But botch’s audience love Steyn. Jealousy or what???

    • You have quite the fanciful imagination.

      Maybe the real reason is that Steyn no longer has the heart to continue, with Rush passed. Or simply because Steyn knows the current version of the show will be ending soon. Several prominent, major- and large-market stations already have new programming in that time slot.

  14. I’ve listened to America’s Truth Detector for close to 30 years. I’m sorry to say that none of the hosts listed above will keep Maha Rushi’s show afloat. All of the aforementioned have local appeal, none has national appeal. They’re ordinary and Rush was extraordinary.

    Premier has chosen unwisely its guest hosts. Lackluter pikers. If they were that good, they’d already be nationally syndicated.

    Mark Steyn ought to have gotten the gig for his equivalent brillance, his colorful turn of a phrase, his erudite wit, his sophistication, and his pervasive knowledge of current events and history.

    Regretfully, I’ve already turned off my radio more than once this week. Three hours of any of these three whose analysis is mediocre is two hours too much. Sad, but true.

    • I would love Steyn as well, but he hated having to fill in more than once or twice a week and said so many times during Rush’s treatments and illness.

      I love Dan Bongino as well, but I’d still rather have Rush’s show, with the lame “guides” guest-hosting with bits of Rush clips than to have Bongino for 3 hours during Rush’s slot. If Rush is on anywhere, I’d rather hear Rush’s show.

      However, I have NO ISSUE with him or anyone else taking over the Sean Hannity I-like-to-answer-my-guests-questions-for-them-can-do-karate-own-a-gun-and-can-kill-you-with-your-own-corotid-artery, three hour self-aggrandizing slot. lol

      • Feel same way about Sean. Periodically he does a good job (or his staff does for him) of collecting the chronological facts of an important issue but its not worth listening to his bloviating to get it. He has some great guests but interupts so often its painful to listen to.

      • Hannity’s radio show has been unlistenable for the past few years now. First off, when your show open calls the show the NEW Sean Hannity Show, yet the show has been on for HOW LONG now? A daily countdown of 8,654 more days until the 2036 election? Then playing 2-minute montages of the same audio clips?

        How much does Sean earn every time he says his coined phrases 5 times a day (The Hillary *bought and paid for* docier,…Americans are xenophobic, homophobic…who want to throw grandma over the cliff,…) About 90% of his show is the same old recycled, word-for-word material that he quotes verbatim.

        The only thing Sean is good for are interviews and callers (which doesn’t happen enough on his show — see last paragraph as to why). He cannot even monologue out of a McDonald’s drive-thru order. Even when he talks with other people on the show, he still has to find a way to throw in his catch phrases and cliches as if we never heard them before.

        And then there are the “Hey Listen, I Want To Remind You” segues into the products that every other talk show host shill on their shows. Broaden your vocabulary, Sean!

    • I, too, have turned the show off. I listened to Rush for years and loved his show, but it is time to move on. Unfortunately Rush is gone, and it is time to move on.

  15. Well, Premiere showed their cards… they’ll hire a new host when one of them comes forward of their own volition, not ‘cuz they insisted. Rabbit-hole analogies at your leisure.

  16. I’m glad to hear they are keeping the show and adding affiliates! For the long term, they ought to consider running “Rush Limbaugh: Somewhere in Time” during the weekends, similar to how they run episodes of Art Bell on C2C.

        • Maybe; but it doesn’t matter how many ‘listeners’ remain if the advertisers flee~ and they’re fleein’!! No business in their right mind is gonna throw money at a show where the host and namesake of the show…… is DEAD!!!

  17. The Excellence in Broadcasting network has the goal of preserving the influence of its founder. Rush Limbaugh posthumously has the ability to keep his audience enthralled with an archive of commentaries. His edited voice clips will provide a nostalgic sense of wit and wisdom for years to come. Thanks to those broadcasters who believe they can continue to share live, daily conservative talk with special audio memories from their late mentor…”El Rushbo”.

    • Agree. Listened to Rush for 30 years. It’s comforting to hear his voice and know that his words of wisdom still ring true.

  18. If you’ve never heard Chris Plante who broadcasts from WMAL in Washington, DC, you owe it to yourself to laugh out loud with him. A former Democrat who voted for Carter and worked for CNN for 17 years, he is absolutely ruthless when dealing with leftists and their insanity. Meanwhile, his ’80’s references and movie quotes are hilarious. And he comes up with a LOT of information even Rush never discussed. Chris Plante is the one to watch out for. Sadly, he’s already nearly 60 years old, and by being so honest about leftists in their epicenter, who knows how long he’ll survive.

    • I’m a huge fan, I enjoy when he goes out in DC and runs into leftists LOL. WPIC in Sharon PA carries his show, I believe his profile will only grow larger now. Just checked and BOB-600 has a GREAT online live feed and that’s good because there are no SDR receivers near Jax. (Radio fans around the country volunteer their equipment and time to bring radio of all frequencies that is tunable by the user. eg: here’s a link in MD that picks up 580 in Harrisburg for Ken Matthew’s show 3-6pm. Just type 580.00 & enter, then click the AM button right below.)

    • With the sad passing of Rush Limbaught, Chris Plante has become the gold standard for conservative talk radio hosts. He’s already syndicated, so it may just be a matter of moving his show to the noon time slot. Until then, his program, which is broadcast from DC at 9 am, is must-listen radio.

  19. There wasn’t a racist bone in Rush’s body! You can’t find a single thing he ever said that was racist! Not one!

  20. Really miss Dennis Prager, one of the most interesting and honest talk show host ever, very intelligent. Will be missed by a lot of folks.

    • That would be awesome. Of course, he’d probably have to choose between another run and being Washington’s critic and disrupter. It’d have the deep state tearing it’s hair out!

  21. This isn’t a viable long-term solution and I’m surprised that this is all that Premiere could come up with. Totally agree that Rush was the most influential talk show host ever. But talk is a current events-based format. And there’s only so much you can do with interspersing guest hosts with “greatest hits” clips from Rush.

    I can foresee Dan Bongino making serious inroads here and affiliates (aside from IHM owned ones) stampeding in that direction once he does. The comment above about Mark Steyn has a point, he would have been a decent option.

    • Totally agree. We love Rush and have his website with his shows. I would be down when I heard Rush wouldn’t be on to help get through a ‘crisis’.

    • Totally agree, and sadly he’s not being used much if at all. They can’t sustain a show based on old recordings and Steyn is the only guest host I like as much as Rush.


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