Carton: I Was Set to Replace Howard Stern


When Howard Stern was getting set to leave radio for satellite, Craig Carton, working for New Jersey 101.5 at the time, said the deal was done for him to replace Stern. The New Jersey station was owned by Millenium Radio Group back then.

As Jason Barrett reports, during last Friday’s WFAN afternoon show, Carton said he was offered the job to replace Stern. Carton said he discussed the deal with ownership, telling them, “if there’s anything you’re going to do to stop this, you gotta tell me now because I represented that you’re letting me go.” Carton recalls getting the OK from the company to go after the deal with CBS.

Then, according to Carton, it all fell apart.

On his way home from getting the offer, Carton says former CBS Executive Joel Hollander called who said he had just received a fax that stated: “if you want to hire Craig Carton, you have to give us [‘X’ amount of dollars].” The deal was off.

As many of us in radio remember, Stern’s main replacement, David Lee Roth crashed quickly, only lasting three months. Carton would go on to replace Don Imus at WFAN and top the ratings in New York with Boomer Esiason before it all came crashing down a few years ago when he was arrested.



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