Iliad Launches Listen Boise App


It took a year to develop but it’s now ready for launch. The Iliad Media Group in Boise has released a new podcast and streaming app called Listen Boise. The app includes local radio stations, podcasts and trending stories.

Iliad CEO Darrell Calton said, “We had a vision and a desire to design a podcast/streaming experience specifically for the Treasure Valley. We’re excited to bring local content and content creators together in the market through the Listen Boise app.

The apps features will include:
● Interactive Podcasts from local creators and personalities. Podcast users can now lean-in and interact with their favorite creators and shows with interactive “tags” similar to “stories” on various social media platforms. Tags can include pictures, links, poll questions, geo-locations, “buy now” storefronts, and more. All while the podcast plays in the background.
● Listen to your favorite national podcasts. Users can aggregate all of their favorite national podcasts into the Listen Boise app. Users can also save, share audio clips, and bookmark favorite episodes.
● Stream Boise’s Favorite Radio Stations. Listen Boise hosts live streaming for Boise’s Favorite Radio Stations like 96.1 BOB FM, 101.9 The Bull, MY 102.7, Wild 101.1, 96.5 The Alternative, 101.5 KOOL FM, and 99.1 I-Rock
● Trending Stories. Stay in-the-know with trending stories from the Treasure Valley and blog posts from local curators.
To learn more, contribute, or download the app, visit



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