Morgan Wallen Returns


At least one station is now playing Wallen’s music again. WMYL-FM in Knoxville, Wallen’s home town, started playing his music after an online poll of its listeners. 92% of those polled wanted Wallen songs to be put back on the radio. And that’s exactly what the station started doing late last week. Whether other stations or radio’s big companies follow remains to be seen.

Wallen was doing just fine moving music without radio. As of last week Wallen was the best-selling artist of 2021. His songs were performing very well with fans as they continued to purchase his music despite the country star being caught on video using a racial slur after a night of drinking. Once the video surfaced iHeartMedia, Beasly, Entercom and others quickly banned Wallen from their stations

WMYL says more than 35,000 people responded to its online poll. Four of Wallen’s songs were put back in rotation.

Station owner Ron Meredith did not respond to our request for a comment.


    • Selective racism? Who the hell hasn’t said it and who care when it was not said derogatory. BIG BACKFIRE!!!! MORGAN WALLEN # 1

  1. Yes……….please !!! I beg you to put Morgan Wallen back on (ALL) radio stations….I have so missed him. From a 74 year old woman who just wants to feel happy again hearing Morgan’s work. He is truly unique and amazing….from the texture of his voice to the unique timing of his words. God sent an angel to us with his talent. He really means the world to me and my mental health.


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