IBA Announces National Cash Contest


The Independent Broadcasters Association has announced a National Cash Contest for IBA Member stations. All current IBA members can participate in the contest for $250. Stations not currently IBA members may participate if they join before February 28.

IBA Board Member Tony Renda said this has the potential to be one of the largest cash contests ever in radio. “The IBA now has 1,500 members. There is anticipation for large participation, based on the survey that was conducted among the membership.”

The goal is to get 750 stations to participate. The contest would then run 4 x daily in April, Monday through Friday, at $1,000 each for 6 weeks. The IBA says the contest is designed in a way to sound local and will be fully produced to make it easy to execute by the participating stations.

Renda added, “like everything we’re doing to help independent operators create more revenue and operate more efficiently, we start by asking the membership what they want. According to the survey, the majority wants a six-week long contest in both the spring and fall.”

According to Ron Stone, President of the IBA “this is one more item that members said they would benefit from if we could make it happen…and the IBA has delivered again. This promotion will play great on the air and participating stations can generate substantial revenue through the contest with a different local sponsor on each station.”

Stations can join the IBA at www.iba.media


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