A Rare Time For So Many Businesses


(By Buzz Knight) Resources are being pushed to the brink and the proper allocation of these resources often needs to be called into question. Putting your business on automatic pilot is no longer an option.

As daunting as the challenges can feel, we have new opportunities to make our engagement with our fans and customers more meaningful. This opportunity allows those of us in this position to stand out from the pack.

What is the one theme that can propel this opportunity? Two simple words. Exceeding expectations.

If you are struggling to barely meet expectations in this challenging time you need to fix this immediately. Once you have the basics under control you have to ascertain how to exceed expectations. For your customers, for your audience and for your employees.

Figure out ways to deepen your relationship with customers so they don’t see you as someone that only calls when you are chasing down money.

  • How can you better serve them during good and bad times?
  • Is there a new partner that you can connect them with that might make a difference in their business world?
  • Can you help them understand what campaigns worked and what didn’t work and why?

These are ways to exceed their expectations. I’m sure you can brainstorm other ways.

How can you exceed expectations with your audience and surprise and delight them in the process? Loyalty by your audience SHOULD have its privileges and exceeding expectations for them increases the likelihood that your word of mouth will increase as well.

The same goes for your relationship with your employees. Imagine a workforce where individuals regularly figured out how to offer to help fellow co-workers before they had to ask. That’s a world of exceeding expectations.

Word of mouth is such a vital force whether you are dealing with customers, your audience or your employees. By living in a world of exceeding expectations, you can unleash the word of mouth to set you apart.

As leaders it is increasingly important to place a high value in your organization to exceeding expectations. Coach Mike Krzyzewski from Duke always has a great handle on this: “The thing I loved the most and still love the most about teaching is that you can connect with an individual or a group and see that individual or group exceeds their limits.”

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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