Traditional Broadcast Delivery Strong in Colorado


For the 7th year in a row, the Colorado Broadcasters Association has provided its members with a Nielsen “Power of Broadcast in Colorado” study. CBA CEO Justin Sasso says the data reveals that radio and television gained audience at the height of the pandemic.

Sasso says a key takeaway from the data provided to his members is that broadcast news was the primary source for COVID-19 information “because consumers believe it is highly trustworthy, up-to-date, and accurate.”

Sasso says as routines changed in 2020 the way citizens received timely and relevant information was from radio and television. “Undoubtedly, people use digital and social media for the news and information broadcasters place on their platform. Without broadcasters’ content, digital and social media are simply rumor mills of misinformation. The public has confidence that their live and local broadcasters are going to deliver accurate and relevant information. As they should, because federally licensed broadcasters are entrusted with the responsibility of serving their communities, unlike any other industry.”


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